Concert Reviews

Every DTOS concert has a review that appears in the following Vox Humana newsletter.  The newsletters are sent to all members (either electronically or by paper).  Please check back regularly, as we are hoping to archive many reviews from past concerts here.

2017-2018 Concert Season

Rosemary Bailey 1-27-18
The Story of Christmas 12-2-17
Brett Valliant 11-11-17
Scott Foppiano 10-7-17

2016-2017 Concert Season

Mark Herman 6-10-17
David Gray 4-29-17
Ron Rhode 3-18-17
Dick Smith 1-28-17
The Lemonade Concert: Tedde Gibson & Don Kinnier
Dave Wickerham
A Dickinson Christmas Spectacular

2015-2016 Concert Season:

A Dickinson Christmas Extravaganza

2010-2011 Concert Season:

David Wickerham Review 6-11-2011
Dick Smith 1-29-11

2009-2010 Concert Season

Dave Wickerham 1-30-10