The Dickinson Theatre Organ Society is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization. This includes operation, maintenance, and improvements to the organ itself, all of the stage management, lighting, sound, and ushering at each concert, and all of the writing, ticket sales, music sales, fund raising, mailing, and everything else involved in operating a successful organ society such as DTOS.

Perhaps you would like to be a part of the work and satisfaction of being involved in helping to preserve and promote theatre organ music. If you have some time and dedication to our cause, we very likely can find a place for you. Below you will find a description of our standing committees and the type of work that they do. If you are interested in any of them, please refer to the ‘Contact Us’ page for contact information. Tell us about yourself, how you would like to get involved, and the best way for us to get in touch with you.



The Organ Crew does almost all of the work required to maintain and improve the Dickinson Kimball Theatre Organ. This includes finding the problems with individual notes, such as a piece of dirt on a magnet armature or a defective key or stop contact. It sometimes includes moving an entire rank of pipes in order to improve the sound distribution or perhaps to make room for a larger set of pipes. With two organ consoles and over 60 ranks of pipes and a very sophisticated combination action preset system, very few weeks go by without something needing attention. Helpful skills include carpentry and electrical experience as well as a certain amount of agility to climb through the pipe chambers. The organ crew performs most of the work at weekly work sessions.


The Archives Committee is charged with building and maintaining an audio, graphic, and text history of the theater organ music world in general and the Dickinson Theatre Organ Society specifically. Archiving is an important facet of the theater organ world; it is particularly important for young people just getting acquainted with theater organ music to be able to learn something of the history and tradition, the actual theater organs played on, and the artists who through years have played them. Archiving is an on-going project.


The Fund Raising Committee manages the annual Appeal, which is our primary fund-raising effort. While ticket sales cover the costs of artist fees and concert related expenses, it is the money raised by the Appeal that allows us to keep the Dickinson Kimball in top-notch operating condition. We continue to make improvements such as the addition of the Master Console, which was added to the organ in 2007. Office and computer skills would be very helpful with availability during the summer and fall.


The House Committee is responsible for the general operation of the lobby and auditorium at each concert and special event of the Society. There is a standard set up required prior to each event, and everything needs to be put away at the end of the program. Volunteers work under the direction of the House Manager. Volunteers should be prepared to arrive an hour before the start of an event and be prepared for a brief stay afterwards.


The Publications Committee handles the work of preparing and distributing several DTOS publications. The Vox Humana is the Society’s newsletter. It is mailed out between concerts. The Society also publishes an annual Brochure and Playbills for each concert. Volunteers would assist with gathering information, writing articles, soliciting ads, and overseeing publishing and distribution.


The Publicity Committee prepares flyers and news releases for distribution throughout the tri-state area for all Society events. Volunteers can help with preparation and distribution as well as making contact with those who can be helpful in promoting DTOS concerts.


The Reception Committee is responsible for the preparation and operation of the Artist Reception, which is provided following every concert. The work includes soliciting cookie donations from Society members, preparing punch and coffee, serving, and cleaning up. Volunteers would assist in all phases of this process including making some telephone calls. Volunteers need to be at each event an hour prior to concert time and should plan on staying for a brief time after the reception to help with cleanup.


The Stage and Lighting Committee is responsible for preparation of the stage for each concert, which includes any special items required by the concert or event. There are lots of details to attend to such as ensuring that the sound system is in operation, microphones are working, and the projection screen is available. The committee also oversees the stage lighting, console lighting, auditorium lighting, spotlight operation, color changes, and follow spot operation. This work requires a fair amount of agility in moving and lifting things and familiarity with lighting equipment. Volunteers should be prepared to arrive an hour prior to the concert.


The Ticket Committee is responsible for the sale and distribution of season tickets and individual concert tickets. Tickets are sold prior to concerts as well as “at the door”. Volunteers need good office management, computer, and organizational skills. The Ticket Committee also maintains the General Mailing List.


The Ushering Committee is responsible for the safety and comfort of the audience at each event. This includes making sure that the entry doors are unlocked and ready, that there are no obstructions in the way of free passage through the halls and doorways, that only the proper doorways are utilized by the audience, that the ticket takers are ready and in place at the entry doorway, and that there sufficient ushers present to assist the audience in finding their seats. The ushers are also in charge of the distribution of the Playbill. Volunteers should be prepared to arrive at least a half hour before each concert.


The Website Committee posts information on the DTOS website and works to keep the website current and useful to our membership and the general public. Anyone with expertise in ‘multimedia’ technology could be very helpful to the Society.